Welcome to Facebook, Beelzebub

December 30th, 2012  |  Published in All Posts, Everything, Grafica 1

Sejjed Æli Chameneji (see my transcription to read this) opened a Facebook page, which is quite funny, because it’s blocked in the Islamic republic. I’ve already been blocked there, as have been many Iranians who wrote some true things (many asked him what filter-breaker he’s using…).

But no hard feelings.

I’ve decided to welcome Chameneji to Facebook with two graphic designs created especially for the event:

Chameneji on Facebook

Welcome to Facebook

Young people in Iran already recognize this gesture as something positive, i.e. “Like”. But in fact, it has a very negative an insulting nature in Iranian culture. It more or less says “Fuck You”.

The Czæfijje, that rug that Arabs put on their head, signifies what I think of Chameneji and his accomplices: they’re Arabizing our image in the eyes of the world. He himself is a Sejjed, which means he’s not Iranian at all, but Arab. The ring, which looks like the rings that many of the Hezbollahis wear, says “Allah is the messenger of Mohammad”, and the writing (Arabic, of course), says, more or less, “His Majesty’s LIKE”.

This is one welcome.
On the second one, Chameneji is represented by a fly. He is the Lord of the Flies, after all. The Czæfijje has a very subtle 666, the number of Chameneji – sorry. Of the Beast.

Welcome to Facebook, Beelzebub!

Welcome to Facebook, Beelzebub!

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