Me, Myself and I

December 15th, 2012  |  Published in All Posts, Grafica 2

This was my final project on my photography and Photoshop course.

Me, Myself and I

Left: me. Middle: Myself. Right: I.

I’m about one year old here. ¬†It’e one of my favorite pictures of myself, with that naughty look two-tooth smile. The original picture was a bit corrupted, so the first thing was correcting it. I wouldn’t have retouched it with random colors, but my mother happened to remember exactly what I wore, and I know what color my eyes were from other childhood picture. Their color changed when I was about four.

I chose to make the retouched picture brown-filtered and only partially retouched, because I like to leave some truth even in photoshopped images.

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