Chomejni instead of Pepsi

November 30th, 2012  |  Published in All Posts, Everything, Grafica 1, Graphica, photographia

Dear viewers, the Pepsi logo was supposed to be projected on the moon tonight, but the image of the Late Emam won, just as it did thirty something years ago.

Because many people don’t believe this, I’ve decided to show you more clearly how to see Chomejni in the moon crescent.

Chomejni in the moon

Chomejni in the moon. Brought as a service to the unenlightened public by Ars Luminis.

Once in a while this rumor starts spreading again – that Pepsi company is going to project its logo on the moon, to be seen from the whole Northern Hemisphere. A year or two before the  second Arab invasion, AKA the Islamic Revolution, supporters of Chomejni (this is the right transcription for the name usually transcribed Khomeini) could swear they’ve seen his image in the moon. They really believe it, but for us it’s one of the biggest jokes. However, believing that Pepsi logo will appear on the moon, and the enthusiasm with which Iranian youth embraced this idea and anticipated the appearance of that logo – well, I’m not sure it testifies to better values. Certainly less dangerous, though.
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