I’m Xerxes, your friendly photographer and graphic designer.

This is a picture of me with my one-eyed black daughter. Her official name is Nikon D80, but at home we never call her that (many Iranian girls have one name in their identity documents and are called by another by their close ones).

self portrait 2011 in the snow

self portrait 2011 in the snow

My occupational life so far has been completely unrelated to art, and quite uninteresting. I can’t even call what I’ve done a career, because it lacked the enthusiasm needed for using this word. Art has always played a significant role in my life, both as an avid consumer of literature, poetry and fine arts, and lately also as an artist.

Photography and graphic design have always been a hobby of mine. I started perfecting them for my own satisfaction. I’ve taken one photography course and done a lot of self-study and of course practice, with regard to photography and graphic design. I love capturing moments or sights. I love seeing what others don’t (or rather – they see but do not notice), and bring it to the front. I love expressing myself with graphic designs, or get idea-sketches from my friends and making them a professionally designed reality.

About the site

I think it is now time to take this a step forward and start doing something I love for a living. This blog is aimed at bringing you bits and pieces of my work in recent years, and a piece of my mind. The blog is licensed cc-by-nc-sa, which means I would love you to share any item from it without asking, as long as it’s not for commercial use, and as long as you give me credit and a link, and as long as you allow others to share under the same conditions. Here’s a caption suggestion for using my images:

Your comment. Photo/Design: Xerxes, www.arsluminis.com, cc-by-nc-sa.

Instead of writing the full name of the site, you can just link the image to the relevant page on my site.

I will, of course, be more than happy to be your own personal or business graphic designer. The internet has no boundaries, so it doesn’t really matter where you are. You send me sketches and/or wishes, and fulfill your wish even if it takes a thousand drafts. I design in any language, but if it’s one I don’t have full command of, you will have to double and triple check to make sure I copy-pasted right.

I love designing logos and other materials, I relax by fixing pictures and enjoy enhancing them as well. My unique specialty is tailor-made Facebook cover images, which can be either for personal or business use.

Personal or business photographer is place-, and henceforth flight and visa dependent, but if you love my work so much as to arrange those – I’ll do it with pleasure.

You must be extremely curious about the design of my site banner. I knew it! Here you go. Every time I change my banner, this post will be updated as well.

Go on, enjoy my site! See, feel, love, live, share, comment, contact me.





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